Point Arena Mountain Beaver (PAMB)

The Point Arena Mountain Beaver (Aplodontia rufa nigra) has been on the Federal Endangered Species list since 1991. Your lot in Irish Beach may be its protected habitat. Unless your lot lies within a designated “exclusion zone,” you will need to get clearance from the U.S. Department of Fish & Wildlife to ensure that your project will not “take” a Point Arena Mountain Beaver.

Since the PAMB is a Federally protected species, the County can do nothing without clearance from DFW. If clearance is required, the County will let you know.

You may contract with an environmental firm for a site survey, which will cost several hundred to a few thousand dollars, or you can contact the DFW directly. Depending on your site location and project scope, you may find that the DFW is able to clear your project using aerial photographs and a site plan.

While the existence of PAMB burrows on your lot won’t necessarily make it impossible for you to build, you may need to adjust your building envelope and design your project schedule around their domestic habits.

The following information should be of help:

Mendocino County Guidelines for Biological Scoping Surveys

Point Arena Mountain Beaver Training Course