Exterior Modifications

Modifications to the exteriors of existing homes or properties in Irish Beach require review and approval per the CC&Rs.  Modifications to the interiors only of homes do not.  Modifications can be classified as Minor Exterior Improvements (MEI), which only require ADC review and approval and are done at no cost, or are classified as a Major Exterior Project (MEP) that requires a public review and a fee to cover the cost of the property owner notifications and meeting(s).

Minor Exterior Improvement (MEI)

What classifies as a MEI?  This would be changes to existing structure or property that does not alter the size or is a major deviation from the existing materials or design. These types of changes require only a review and approval by the Architectural Design Committee for compliance to the CC&Rs. There is no fee required and are relatively quick. These are examples of a MEI:

  • Repainting
  • Reroofing
  • Residing
  • Replacing windows/doors
  • Replacing/repairing a deck with the same height/dimensions as before
  • Resurfacing an existing driveway without increasing the existing size
  • Underground propane tank

How to apply for an IBADC Minor Exterior Improvement (MEI) permit:

Send the following as PDF documents to the IBADC (IrishBeachADC@gmail.com) address:

  1. Description of the planned improvement, including color and material references.
  2. You can include optional information such as photos or literature. Use the CC&R Checklist to help ensure CC&R compliance.

The ADC will then review the application for CC&R compliance, and if satisfactory will provide back an email providing approval and the MEI will be added to the next upcoming ADC meeting Agenda under Communications to be approved/recorded without comment.  If the project is deemed to be a Major Exterior Project, the applicant will be notified and given the option to proceed as a MEP.

Major Exterior Project (MEP)

What classifies as a a MEP?  Basically it is everything else that is an alteration to the outside of existing structures, addition of new structures or features or a change to the lot that alters its physical appearance.  This requires MEP review and approval which includes a mailing to affected property owners and a public meeting. There is a one time fee of $100 to cover the cost of the mailing and meeting.  These are examples of a MEP:

  • Addition to a structure, increasing its size either horizontally or vertically
  • A new structure
  • Installation of a new or expanded driveway or parking surface
  • increasing the height or size of a deck or porch
  • Installation of a fence. Split rail and natural finish “coastal grape stake” fences <3′ tall are exempt
  • Installation of a new, or the moving of an existing hot tub
  • Relocation or installation of an above ground propane tank

How to apply for an IBADC Major Exterior Project (MEP) permit:

Send the following as PDF documents to the IBADC (IrishBeachADC@gmail.com) address:

  1. Filled out an MEP Application.
  2. A Site plan or sketch showing existing structures, relevant property lines, dimensions and the proposed change,addition or modification. You can include optional information such as photos or literature. Use the CC&R Checklist to help ensure CC&R compliance.
  3. If increasing the size or adding new structure, a Google Earth view of surrounding neighborhood to demonstrate and reflect the impact on current and future view corridors.
  4. If adding a new structure, such as a garage, outbuilding or enclosure, supply elevation drawings or sketches.
  5. Send a check for $100 made out to ‘IBIC’ to PO Box 237, Manchester CA 95459

The ADC will then review the application for completeness and CC&R compliance and then coordinating with you, will schedule the pubic review at an upcoming meeting. The ADC will send out the notifications to the affected property owners 3 weeks in advance of the meeting.

What happens next?

  • The application may be approved as is, or
  • it may be approved with redlines agreed to by both the applicant and the ADC, or
  • it may tentatively approved dependent upon completion of certain actions, and then fully approved by the committee upon validation of completion.