Construction Resources

While the ADC does not endorse or recommend any particular supplier, the following lists contain the contact information of companies and individuals who have been involved with successful projects in Irish Beach in the past

  1. Architects/Designers
  2. Contractors/Builders
  3. Surveyors
  4. Septic Design
  5. Vegetation, Lot & Tree Clearing
  6. GeoTech Engineers
  7. Biological Studies
  8. Mendocino County (MDOT) Street Encroachment Permits
  9. Mendocino County Planning & Building Dept


Architects/Designers that serve the area are always changing (retirements, etc), and many may be booked for years. Here are some that provided successful design/drawings for recent builds in Irish Beach. Most architects also have contractors that they work with. Some even will provide the building materials and recommend contractors (Lindal, Endeavor).

You can also search the internet for other Architects/Residential Designers in neighboring towns/cities:
Santa Rosa
Fort Bragg
Point Arena
Sea Ranch
or check in your hometown and see if they would travel as required to Irish Beach. Also, modular homebuilders will included design services in the cost of their homes. See this section for more info.

  1. Haley & Whiteside Design, Kate Haley & Mo Whiteside, Fort Bragg,
  2. Schlosser and Newberger, 707-961-0911, Fort Bragg,
  3. Kelly Grimes, 707-937-2904, Little River,
  4. Howard Curtis, 707-882-1801,
  5. Diana Wiedemann, 707- 937-2807,,
  6. Zeitgeist Sonoma, 707-526-4161,
  7. Lindal Cedar Homes,
  8. Dancing Dog Design-Build, 707-964-7900, Mendocino,
  9. L.S. Mitchell, 707-462-8778,,
  10. Zenith Engineers,
  11. Richard LeGros, Los Osos, 805.528.6594,
  12. Endeavor Homes, Oroville, CA


  1. Swithenbank Construction, Inc., Fort Bragg, 707-964-7460,
  2. Huegera Construction, Gualala, 707-684-9398,
  3. Orsi Construction, (707)-409-5083,
  4. C. Jack Hervey, Sebastopol, (808) 936-5318
  5. Greenwood Construction, Rosco Tuomala, Fort Bragg,
  6. Shawn P. Bettega Construction, Inc., 707-884-4713
  7. Kashia Construction, LLC, Jose Oropeza, 707-230-2927 or 707-684-9750,
  8. Samual Parsons Contracting, 707-684-0098, Gualala,
  9. Walker Enterprises, Chris Walker, (707) 548-2585, Fort Bragg


  1. Susan D. Ruschmeyer,
  2. Forrest Francis, 
  3. Garrett Lumley, Mendocino Surveyor, Inc., PH: 707-937-9900,
  4. Richard A. Seale, Fort Bragg, 707-964-4265

Septic Design

  1. Carl Rittiman & Associates,
  2. Mendocino Dept of Health Septic Information,

Vegetation, Lot & Tree Clearing

  1. Gonzalez Bros., 707-721-2057, 
  2. Dirt Works, Noble Davis, Point Arena, (707) 684-9144 ,

GeoTech Engineers

  1. Brunsing & Associates, Santa Rosa,

Biological Studies

  1. Spade Natural Resources Consulting, (707) 357-5966, 
  2. Wynn Coastal Planning, Fort Bragg,
  3. County Planning can also provide the contact info for a free of charge analyst from the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Mendocino County (MDOT) Street Encroachment Permits

Mendocino County Planning & Building Dept

  1. Mendocino County Permit Process

If you have contact info for any additional service suppliers who have been successful here in Irish Beach, please submit the information via the Contact Us page.