Prior Meetings:

July 19, 2014


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10:00 AM, July 19, 2014
Meeting called to order at 10:05 AM. Present: John McGehee, Don McCormick, Gordon Moores, and
Connie Sackman.
In Attendance: Mark Gmeiner, Jay Schmuecker, and Don and Marsha Moore.
May 17, 2014 Meeting Minutes approved.
A. Alba Tiller: Resident agreed to remove the fence after four years. The fence has
not been removed. Have sent one letter certified mail. The certified letter to Ms. Tiller
was returned. As it is not Leon’s responsibility to send a follow-up letter, Connie will
send the same letter from IBADC to Ms. Tiller via regular mail. Send a copy of the
permit with the letter.
B. (3-61): Bare lot was being used as a kennel for dogs with unsightly wire mesh.
Kennel has been relocated behind bushes where the kennel is no longer visible. Closed
C. Frassetti (15121 Irish Beach Dr.): A sketch of his plans for spa and decking were
requested and have not been received. Connie will mail a reminder letter.
D. McClellan: Require an after the fact request and approval permit. Has not
responded. Bring up a program of amnesty – last chance effort. Need to be kept as an
open item.
E. Wilens (1-23): Will send a follow-up letter regarding construction being done for
a deck: permission required for the unpermitted deck.
A. Inquiry was made regarding constructing a kit home on an Irish Beach property lot. Need to
define what is a kit home. A kit home would need to be brought up to CC&R’s for roof pitch, etc. It
was discussed that it could be more expensive to purchase a kit home, have it transported, and installed
on a lot with additional construction necessary to conform to CC&R’s. RJ will look into price and
design comparisons. The last correspondence was that RJ Dial highlighted the CC&R sections that
they would have to consider in design, and that the ADC really can’t provide any additional feedback
until there is a specific lot and design submitted for consideration.
B. Don putting together lot numbers and names and addresses on a spread sheet – should be sorted
by Unit and Lot number.
C. Complaint from a renter regarding request for reimbursement for tire replacement due to tire
punctured when exiting the beach. Will be discussed at next IBIC meeting.
D. Boats being used as planters in private yards are an eye sore. Francisco will take away for the
cost of $500. We could arrange with present owners to have them removed
IBADC Meeting Minutes – July 19, 2014
E. Attendee asked how large the garbage containers enclosure needs to be. Need to submit an
application for where it will be located and dimensions. Needs to be the similar materials as the house.
Make sure it does not block anyone’s view.
F. Satellite receivers: Homeowners need to give specific instructions to installers where they will be
installed so they are not in an unsightly location, such as near the front of the house.
Meeting Adjourned.


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May 18, 2013
Draft Minutes
Open meeting beginning at 10A M at the Garcia Grange, 43970 Crispin Road.
CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by RJ Dial. Other Committee members present:
Karl Taylor, John McGehee (Gordon Moore was absent). In attendance in the audience: Betty Winters.
APPROVE MINUTES OF 03/16/2013: Karl made a motion that the minutes for the 03/16/2013
meeting be approved. The motion was seconded by John and approved 3 yes/0 no.
Hymanson 7-A/2 (44650 Pomo Lake Dr.): Minor Exterior Modification Permit. New fencing,
garbage can enclosure, porch landings and exterior repaint. Proposed project was approved as
submitted: Removal of existing split rail fence; septic tank rework; house will be repainted two-tone
earth-tone green on green – samples were provided; replace existing front courtyard gate/fence with
metal railings, replacement of the garbage screen with a new wall and rework the existing courtyard. It
was recommended by the committee to consider covering the garbage can screen to address the
tendency for critters to get into the cans locally. A required condition of the permit is that the existing
unshielded exterior lights be replaced with downcast light fixtures. RJ motioned for the approval, John
seconded, and motion was carried 3 yes/ 0 no.
Reidenbach 4/27 (15671 Forest View Rd.): Notification that roof will be replaced with
CertainTeed Barkwood and gutters and downspouts will be replaced and painted house color. Roof
color change requires ADC concurrence. Notification that the house exterior will be repainted a
new color. Color samples of the actual paint were provided (linen body, tan trim,). Both roof and house
color changes were reviewed and found to be acceptable to the committee and met the CC&R
Gomez & Rose 1/98 (15101 Irish Beach Dr.): Request for approval information for 4’ high back
and side yard fence facing Hwy 1. Per CC&R this will require a Minor Exterior Permit with mailings
to neighbors. If this fence is to protect landscape from deer, it was discussed that the fence would need
to be 7’ tall unless there was less than 36” of landing space on the inside perimeter. Karl will follow-up
with Leon Drolet (who received the request) and get the information back to the requestor.
Engleln 1/11 (15220 Irish Beach Dr.): Notification that east wall of house will be re-sided and
painted existing color. Reviewed and noted.
Barnett 1/55 (14270 Navarro Way): Major Exterior Modification Permit. Phase I & II single step
application. Applicant has supplied updated & signed drawings reflecting deck enclosure for the
conditional permit issued 03/16/13. Committee reviewed the drawing changes and approved the
updated drawings. The MEP application is now fully approved as submitted.
Architectural Design Committee: Assignment of a Chairperson; review of number of persons on
committee; request to IBIC board for 2013-2014 approval of members. Karl volunteered to serve
as chairperson, local point of contact and communications person for the committee. RJ will serve as
back-up. It was determined that the open position on the committee needs to be filled to enable
quorums. The committee is looking for such a volunteer to serve on the committee. The 3
committeepersons present agreed to serve another year. Gordon’s status will be obtained and the
combined information presented to the IBIC board for consideration at the July meeting.
Minor Exterior Permit process: Review of Minor Exterior Project determination table. Review of
MiEP approval process. The current “Minor Construction Project Table effective 01 May 2006” was
reviewed and found to still be in alignment with the CC&Rs. It was felt though, that the series of
documents issued by the committee in the 2006-2007 timeframe and posted on the website for exterior
improvement applicants is confusing and could use some enhancements to tie them to each other and
the application and approval process in general. For example, the consistent use of terminology through
out would help, as would a decision flow chart. RJ agreed to finalize a draft for review at the next
meeting. Also discussed were how to expedite the review and approval process internally to the
committee, including better communications and follow-up back to the applicants. This entails
following the procedures proposed at the July 21, 2012 ADC meeting, but never formalized into
practice or print. RJ will take those procedure steps from the minutes and place into a guidance
document for review with the other documents at the July meeting.
Meeting was adjourned at 10:40. The next meeting is scheduled for July 20, 2013. Meetings are
usually scheduled for the third Saturday of every odd month and are subject to cancellation due
to lack of New Business.


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JANUARY 19, 2013
Open meeting beginning at 10AM at the Garcia Grange, 43970 Crispin Road
CALL TO ORDER: The meeting was called to order by Leon Drolet. Directors
present: RJ Dial, Gordon Moores, John McGehee, Karl Taylor III.
APPROVE MINUTES OF 05/19/2012: Leon made a motion that the minutes for the
05/19/2012 be approved. There was a question in regards as to what transpired at a
meeting of property owners immediately after the meeting. Since it was not part of the
ADC meeting, what was discussed is not included in the minutes. The motion was
seconded by John and the minutes were approved with the clarification. A motion was
made by RJ to approve the minutes from the 07/21/2012, seconded by Karl and
McPhee 1/5 (15270 Irish Beach Drive): Notification of new window
installation, installation of fence, color change due to contractor’s mistake, and intent to
get after the fact MEI permit. Mr. McPhee is working on a packet expected to be
presented to the board at the March meeting.
Gary Klien 1/21 (14970 Navarro Way): Interior remodel and window change.
Mr. Klien is increasing the size of a window by 7” to facilitate a better view of the
ocean. A letter was presented to the board and discussion followed as to whether or not
a permit is required. The matter was tabled for the next meeting.
William Moores 7/35: McClellan 7/34 (4430 O’Rorey’s Roost): Addition a deck
and back patio. Mr. Moores has an issue with the back deck, a satellite dish on the roof
and work in the backyard. Mr. Moores has requested access to ADC records for the
construction of the house be turned over to him. It has not been done as there is a policy
in place that the chairperson can decide whether or not a folder can be distributed. Mr.
Moores has indicated he plans to sue the owner. RJ advised that the work was done
without an ADC permit. Mr. Moores is requesting that he be allowed to make copies of
the folder. Mr. Moores expressed concerns that Mr. McClellan did not comply with the
original permit requirements and questioned the confidentially of the records. Mr.
Moores questioned the concept that the committee’s records are confidential and this is
an issue that the committee should consider and it be voted on. Mr. Moores cited the
opinion of Mr. McGlynn, Attorney, that ADC is a subcommittee of IBIC and members
of IBIC are entitled to access committee documents and that the CC&R’s allow
individuals to enforce the CC&R’s. Not allowing members to access records is contrary
to the By Laws. The question is whether or not the committee can deny property owners
access to the documents. Mr. McClellan’s original application was negotiated, Mr.
Moores does not have a copy of the permit or the plans or the meeting proceedings and
requesting they be provided to him. Mr. Moores is asking for enforcement of the plans
as originally presented. The committee did not recognize Mr. Moores as a qualified
property owner of 7/35 at the time since his property was in escrow. Leon stated that
there is nothing in the bylaws to support Mr. Moores point from Section 3.1. The
current policy as to distribution of documents is in the minutes from the November17,
2007, meeting and they read: “All photocopy requests must be addressed to the
committee, not to the committee secretary or individual ADC members.” All requests
for material such as normal project mailings or any parts thereof be mailed to property
owners within 300 feet as well as other classifications being provided on time and
material basis. Much of this data can be downloaded free of charge from the IBIC/ADC
website.” This was approved by a vote of 4-0. The only authority ADC has is to
provide what was mailed out. IBIC is looking at the authority of ADC and there are
differing legal opinions. There is no support or financial structure for enforcement. Mr.
Moores requested that the files be made available to him and any other interested party,
claiming that it is relevant as to what was approved and the permit is essential. It was
pointed out that the committee is not set up to handle legal fees for court proceedings;
the general membership will be asked if they will support a fund for such action. Can
IBIC support ADC? Membership fees are for maintenance of common areas, can they
be used for legal issues? The question will be presented at the next IBIC meeting.
There was discussion about how to keep the files and how to make documents available
to everyone, however, the resources and the manpower is not currently available. Mr.
Moore would like the committee to let him know where the file is and he will take what
he wants to copy, supervised or not supervised; the permit is central to his issues.
Leon has asked for legal opinion. Is everything public information and who owns the
documents? Discussion followed on how to archive all documents. RJ made a motion
that the final approval, the permit and the signature box and redline be made available as
part of the package for this particular lot, subject to approval from the attorney. The
motion was seconded by Gordon and approved. A motion was made by Gordon to
amend the motion to include a copy of the sign off letter, seconded by RJ and approved.
Rathbun 1/106: Rain gutter replacement.
Comments on Datwyler Project: Garross, Dube, Dutras, Grund, Tozier
Datwyler 1/71 (14801 Navarro Way): New Home Construction Phase II
application. Bob Schlosser architect from Fort Bragg: changes were made to the
building envelop making it 84” reduced from 87’; eliminated the driveway; part of the
bedroom is now a porch, the access to the garage was redefined so as to not impact the
view. There were concerns from the audience about the shop door be made smaller to
10’ wide and 8’ high. However, woodworking equipment to be installed is large so that
a large door is necessary.
Concerns were also expressed about noise from the equipment, an unknown at this time.
Also, there are concerns in regards to dust from the work. The noise may be in violation
of the CC&Rs. RJ stated that it appears that the objections from the last meeting have
been addressed and remedied. The work is done inside the structure but in close
proximity to other homes. A question was raised as to whether or not this is a business
and if it violates the CC&Rs. CC&R’s restrict the use of the lots to “single family
dwellings” and limits the amount of noise that is acceptable. These factors are unknown
at this time on this property.
Leon made a motion that the Phase II application be approved as amended with the
requirement that the property owner observe the restrictions in the CC&Rs, Section 7.7.
It was seconded by Karl and passed without any descending vote.
Rush 3/51 (43751 Cypress Pkwy): Minor Exterior Improvement-Sunroom on
South Deck. A year ago, Mr. Rush was advised that his garage door is not an approved
color; Mr. Rush stated to the committee that he would paint the door; however, he
produced a statement saying the manufacturer’s warranty will not be honored if the door
is painted. RJ proposed that the conditions were satisfied. Leon made a motion that the
door be accepted as is, that if it is every replaced it will be in an approved color and that
the MEI application be approved. It was seconded by Karl and passed without any
descending vote.
ADJOURNMENT/NEXT MEETING: The meeting was adjourned at 12:20 PM.
The Next meeting is scheduled for March 16, 2013. Meetings are usually scheduled
for the third Saturday of every odd month and are subject to cancellation due to
lack of New Business.


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July 21, 2012
Open meeting, 10AM at the Garcia Grange, 43970 Crispin Road, Manchester, CA
The meeting was called to order at 10:10AM. Committee members present: R.J. Dial,
Nik Epanchin, John McGehee and Sharon Robards, acting secretary. Others present:
Bettye Winters, Su Whitaker, Steve Whitaker, Lynn Vierra and Dave Vierra.
APPROVE MINUTES OF 05/19/2012: Approval of the minutes was tabled as no
minutes were available.
Seghesio 2/2 (44961 Arena Circle): Minor Exterior Improvement application. Extend deck,
replace all windows, new enclosures for propane tank and garbage containers, and replace all
siding .
1. Deck Extension: 5’ out and 4’ off the ground, condition of approval is a county permit. No
impact on any other properties.
2. Garbage Enclosure: R. J. Dial reported Gordon Moores’ concerns that there be a roof over the top
of the enclosure as it is visible from the properties above. The enclosure is currently three sided and
located on the SE corner of the property. Nik suggested the committee recommend it be moved to the
NE corner. Committee decided either location was acceptable as existing SE corner shrubbery would
also hide it. John made a motion that a roof be required for the garbage enclosure. it was seconded by
Nik and passed without objection.
3. Propane Tank: the proposal is for an above ground tank with a 4 sided enclosure, no roof.
Proposal for placement and the structure was approved; however, the committee recommends that it be
placed underground for both visual and economic reasons. Recovery of the cost for underground is
approximately 7-8 years.
4. Replacement of siding: Replacement and color choices of all siding and windows was approved
by their notification to the committee and no permit is required.
Vera-Lee Kaiser and Brian Carter 3/26 (14555 Cypress Point Road) Completion of Minor
Exterior Improvement Permit . #0326-0911:
Verbal communication from Lynn and Dave Vierra: Lynn and Dave Vierra on Cypress Parkway
would like to replace a portion of the existing hedge/fence with like materials and eliminating the
barbed wire. No permit is required. The committee asked for notification.
Modification to the Minor Exterior Improvement Permit process in order to reduce the waiting
period. The following is a summary of the proposed procedure for Minor Exterior Improvements in an
effort to expedite the process:
1. Homeowner sends letter and information on the MEI to ADC.
2. ADC recipient sends immediately to all ADC members.
3. If no permit required per the Minor Improvement Guidelines, a simple e-mail discussion and
consensus by minimum of 3 members by the end of 7 days. Approval (or decline and why) is then sent
back to homeowner. If request also contains permit items (like the Seghesio’s), that letter will also
explain what they need to do for that portion of the request. If total of 3 members don’t reply, the
chairman makes the call (silence is consent). Decision is recorded in the next meetings minutes under
4. If permit is required and the information required was not included, we send them the letter of
explanation (like above step). Once it is received, the mailing is done immediately, and comments are
shared with ADC as they come in. ADC members also weigh in via e-mail during that time. At end of
30 days, if no letters received of consequence, ADC notifies homeowner of the approval or conditional
approval, and it is recorded in the next meetings minutes under Correspondence.
5. If the outcome was an ADC decline or is controversial (comments received), the homeowner is
notified and it would go onto the next meeting agenda (regular or special meeting).
The above would get non permit MEI’s back in 10 days and permit MEI’s resolved in <45. RJ will
draft an update to MEI sheet for Leon to put on the Website for comment.
Determining appropriate action against a property owner’s failure to get a Minor Exterior
Project Permit, CC&R parking Section 5.7 Off-Street Parking violation resulting of garage
conversion to living space and using remodeled area in violation of county zoning codes and
CC&R’s which prohibit multi-family dwellings. (Three notices were mailed to the owner who did
not answer the letters). Much discussion followed as to how to handle such situations. The property
in question is located on Arena Circle and the converted garage is now a rental unit. There are to be
three ways to proceed: 1) Contact the County to investigate county violations. 2) File in Civil Court
for CC&R infractions or 3) File in Small Claims Court. The committee decided to contact the county
as well as send a demand letter to the property owner advising of the violation(s) and the potential for
tripling (or more) of the fees, asking for a response within 30 days. If no response, proceed with Small
Claims Court for the Major Exterior improvement permit cost and the 3X penalty for failing to obtain
the permit. Placing a mechanics lien on the property is an option for collecting any judgments. R.J.
will get copies of the previous three letters.
The next meeting is scheduled for September 15, 2012. Meetings are usually scheduled for the
third Saturday of every odd month and are subject to cancellation due to lack of New Business
or quorum. The meeting was adjourned at 11:15AM.


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MAY 19, 2012
Draft Minutes
Open meeting beginning at 10AM at the Garcia Grange, 43970 Crispin Road
Manchester, CA 95459
CALL TO ORDER: Chairperson Leon Drolet called the meeting to order at 10:12AM. Members
present: Gordon Moores; R.J. Dial; John McGehee; and Stacy Lore, Secretary.
APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The Draft Minutes from the March 17, 2012, meeting were not
approved. Due to windy conditions, audio recording of the meeting was not captured; therefore, the
Committee Members and those in attendance felt there was inadequate reporting. As the only matter of
business discussed was the Datwyler Phase I new home construction application and approval, it was
determined that the questions and concerns would be addressed and resolved.
Datwyler 1/71 (14801 Navarro Way): New Home Construction Phase II application. Unit 3
property owner Trujillo (03-001) and Hoffman property (01-052) did not receive the original mailing
prior to Phase I. Their objections are in regards to the view corridor impact and in the design of the
house. The property owner followed due process for approval. The committee voted 2-1 for approval
of phase I at the March 17th meeting. Participants questioned the voting ability of the temporary
committee member at the March 17 meeting. Director Drolet clarified this matter and it was concluded
that the temporary committee member is eligible to vote under the IBIC Bylaws and CC&Rs. Much
discussion followed regarding Phase I house envelope and view issues. As this was a Phase II
presentation with full elevations and site placement but with open view corridor issues, it was felt a
compromise was in order; find a solution that satisfy the homeowners behind the property, yet give the
applicant a path to approval. Six lots are impacted by this property. The site layout of the proposed
home was presented. The applicant had moved the garage at the northeast end 4 ½ feet back to 84 feet
since the Phase I hearing. The location of the septic system is limited because of the Mountain Beaver
habitat setback, no other options would work.
The house has been reduced from 3 bedrooms to 2 bedrooms; 3 bathrooms; there is not enough room
for a two car garage; there are two single car garages and two driveways. The owners will be full time
residents. A wood working workshop will be part of one of the garages presenting concerns about the
noise level of the machinery. Chairperson Drolet suggested the master bedroom be moved to the rear
and place a two car garage facing the West where the bedroom had been originally be envisioned
(That would have eliminated the foyer and put the bedroom further from the ocean exposure.) It was
proposed to change the north garage to 2 cars with access to the west, with the northeast corner at the
84’ setback line from south. By moving the garage to the west side it will resolve most of the concerns
of the neighboring properties and was strongly recommended by the committee. The garage/workshop
in southeast corner would no longer be a garage and there would be no driveway, addressing the
concerns of the two lots to the east of parked cars. The property owner promised to return to the
committee with the changes. Gordon made a motion that approval for the location of the house
building footprint be affirmed with the revision of 84’ from the south line set back. John seconded the
motion and it passed unanimously. The neighboring property owners immediatel with Datwyler to
work out the details.
Modification to the Minor Exterior Improvement Permit in order to reduce the waiting period.
Leon expressed the need to reduce the time it takes to obtain Minor Exterior Permits from 10 weeks to
3-4 weeks. The neighboring properties must be notified and, if no objections received in 3 weeks, the
property owner can then move forward. Gordon recommended that Leon come back with a new policy
at the next meeting for review and approval.
McPhee 1/5 (15270 Irish Beach Drive): Notification of new window installation, installation of
fence, color change due to contractor’s mistake, and intent to get after the fact MEI permit.
McClellan 7/34 (4430 O’Rorey’s Roost): Addition of a deck and back patio: Meets the county
requirements; the deck is less than 3’ high and does not fall under CC&R limitations.
Rush 3/51 (43751 Cypress Parkway): Minor Exterior Improvement – Sunroom on South Deck.
The color of the garage doors that were installed on the new and the old garage are not in compliance
with the color approval granted 09/19/09. Gordon asked that property owner paint the garage doors
with an earth-tone color before approving the sunroom. The manufacture will not allow for painting
per a letter submitted by Walt. Property owner said they would conform to the color requirement when
the doors need to be replaced. Leon moved that Rush be allowed to build the sunroom (which no one
seem to be opposed to) with the condition that a letter be received from Rush that when the doors need
to be replaced they will be in compliance with the CC&R’s requirements. Gordon expressed concerns
that this will set precedence and objected. R.J. agreed with Gordon that the color did not match the
original approval. The motion failed without a second. Mr. Rush withdrew his application when door
color compliance was required.
Gordon made a motion to adjourn the meeting. John seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:10PM.
The next meeting is scheduled for July 21, 2012. Meetings are usually scheduled for the third Saturday
of every odd month and are subject to cancellation due to lack of new business.


PO Box 237 Manchester, CA 95459
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March 17, 2012
Open meeting beginning at 10AM at the Rex Dunning Firehouse, 15401 Forest
View Drive.
Chairperson Leon Drolet called the meeting to order at 10:05am. Committee members
present: Leon Drolet, Gordon Moores and Karl Taylor. Nik Epanchin and John McGee
were absent.
Others Present: Darryl Datwyler, Rob Garross, Patrick Robards, Debbie and Jerry
Trijillo, Al and Loretta Thompson, Bettye Winters, Timothy and Lauraine Grund, Bob
Tozier, Bob Dutra, Su and Steve Whitaker and Walt Rush.
Motion was made by Leon and seconded by Karl to approve the minutes of the
December 10, 2011, meeting. Passed with no objections.
Datwyler 1/31 (14801 Navarro Way): New Home Construction Phase I application:
There are some changes to the drawings submitted. The building envelop is a triangle
due to concerns about the Point Arena Mountain Beaver habitat within a hundred feet of
the building. The lot is 75 feet across the front with a 13 foot corridor. The parcel is
about a 1/4 of an acre, the building envelop is about a third of that. The septic design
reduces the capacity of the house to a two bedroom. Proposing stepping the house.
Minimal grading required since the property is fairly level. May need to move the house
4’ North to have the required 28’ between houses and protect view corridors. Rob
Garross expressed concerns about his view corridor when he builds on the lot he is
purchasing east of the Datwyler property. Proposed house is 2400 square feet. Jerry
Trijillo express concerns about his view corridor, he is within the 300’ range to be
notified and did not receive notice. Jerry also expressed concerns about parked cars,
garage placement, garbage enclosures and propane tanks. Need to return with a plan for
the house once the view is established. There was a lot of discussion regarding
placement of the house and the leach field and the garage.
At the end of the meeting’s agenda items, the committee adjourned to Datwyler’s
property. The purpose was to get a better perspective of the proposed building envelop.
William Moores concern about the 6 foot setback of the house on the south side of his
property (Unit 1, Lot 70) would impact the construction of a house which he was
envisioning. Since the house was purely speculative, the committee felt any variances
on setback were not called for.
In order to accommodate the view quarter concerns of Jerry Trijillo (Unit 3 Lot 2),
Bob Dutra and Tim Grund (Unit 1, Lot 60) and Rob Garross (Unit 1, Lot 59) it was
moved by Karl Taylor III to approve the building envelope to start at 14 feet north of
the south property line and extend 88 feet north. The north line to be parallel to the
south lot line. The motion was approved.
Engeln 1/11 (15220 Irish Beach Drive): Minor Exterior Improvement-Fence and
Rear Garage Door. No negative comments from the public. Wants to build a 4’ high
fence at the back of the house. Gordon expressed concerns that it be a wire fence rather
than a picked fence, he does not want it to be a solid fence. Motion made by Leon and
seconded by Karl that the fence be accepted as presented and was approved 2-1.
Engelin will need to address the color of the white garage door and exterior lights.
Robards 2/22 (44621 Pomo Lake Drive): Presentation to the Committee for a
Minor Exterior Improvement to a Rear Deck. Patrick Robards presented the
drawings for a deck on the South side of the house, the ravine side, 157 square feet, 27’
at the house, going out 8’. All natural with the exception of copper tubing railing slates.
Can not be seen from any homes. The dining room window will be converted to a door.
A mailing will be sent out. A motion was made by Gordon, seconded by Karl and
passed unanimously to approve the plans as presented pending the 30 day review by the
McPhee 1/5 (15270 Irish Beach Drive): Notification of plans to re-paint the house
with no color change. A permit is not needed for the work. The house is now
painted with a primer, color will match the existing house.
Rush 3/51 (43751 Cypress Pkwy): Minor Exterior Improvement-Sunroom on
South Deck. Walt Rush presented a drawing of how the sun room will look with glass.
Gordon expressed concerns about the unpainted garage doors stating that the new
project approval cannot be granted until the issue of the garage doors is resolved. Walt
advised that the company will negate the warranty on the doors if they are painted. Walt
will contact the company again and advise the committee.
The meeting was adjourned at 12:10 PM/
The next meeting is scheduled for May 19, 2012. Meetings are usually scheduled
for the third Saturday of every odd month and are subject to cancellation due to
lack of New Business.
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